Tuesday 24 November 2015

An intro to me and my personality

Welcome to All Zesty,

Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog entry. 

Now let me start by giving you background on myself and how I came to writing this entry.

I am a lecturer in Event management. I studied communication studies (which I loved), started working in events after Varsity and decided to combine both when I got a job as a lecturer.

I have contemplated for several months on what I can do to keep my inner self satisfied. And yet another day at the office, trying to do 100 things at the same time, I thought to myself, “Myself, what can you do to better yourself? What would best suite your personality? What type of personality is that that you have?”

So, did a quick Google search, did a random personality test on www.16personalities.com and BAMMM. I found out that my personality type is ENTP, now for you that don’t know what it means; it stands for, Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving (ENTP). I know that’s a mouth full. I had to Google it myself.

Now being an ENTP personality type that basically means I am analytical person.  I love talking, debating, and playing devil’s advocate, and to argue just for the sake of it. I am so busy analysing information, and juggling ideas and I sometimes lose the plot and leave it all together. Best way to talk to an ENTP is to be straightforward and don’t cut corners. www.humanmetrics.com/personality/entp.

They were spot on. Suddenly I was at 250 words in at 3.36 minutes, writing a blog that I struggled to get going for nearly 3 months. I never knew what writers block was, then again, I never saw myself as a writer. Shows you what a little inspiration can do.

As you read on you will realise that I have so much crap going on in my head that it is hard to concentrate on one thing at a time. And with that I don’t mean I multi task, because I forget whatever I was busy doing, starting to contemplate on the next worldly problem, I know that contemplating what I am going to eat for dinner doesn’t count as a ‘worldly problem’, but I do feel like a contender on MasterChef, when I have 1 hour to cook dinner with limited resources and 3 judges who will be waiting for their plates by 19:00 sharply. My plates never quite look (or tastes) like theirs though. I do think it would be interesting to participate in something like that, (but that is for another entry)

So now that I have introduced myself, and my fellow ENTP personalities will relate when I say it, I have struggled, had to show serious self-restraint to try and keep myself on track as my mind have wondered at least 10 + times with additional information. I am actually sitting with a piece of paper next to me, writing all the ideas down so that I don’t forget them while thinking of the next idea.

That aside, finding out what personality type I am, made me think, if I struggle to understand myself (and I have been living with me for 25 years), how important is it for you to try and understand other people? It is important to try and listen more and talk less, listen with the sole purpose of understanding, not replying.

Here are 10 advantages of knowing your personality type and that of the people around you:

  1. You learn about yourself, and why you react the way you do.
  2. You learn about the people around you and how they will react and how you will react towards them
  3. You learn how to communicate with fellow colleagues, friends, family and even strangers
  4. You can identify where your comfort zone is and what you need to do to challenge yourself to get out for your comfort zone.
  5. You learn what career paths would best suite your personality and why.
  6. You improve on your problem-solving ability as you have more information about yourself and the people around you and how everyone will react and review the situation.
  7.  It helps you identify your strengths.
  8.  It showcases your weaknesses and where you need to improve.
  9. Makes you a better leader or team player, as you can identify others strengths and weaknesses.
  10. You learn how to be content with yourself and your personality

So go check out your personality, let me know what interesting things you’ve learnt about yourself or others, and make a true effort to try and understand other people, and why they do the things they do. www.16personalities.com/

Welcome to my journey to understanding myself, hope you find your reason to sparkle.


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